Kangaroo Valley, 11 October 1998

From: Jason Fearon <jasonf@netrider.org.au>
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Subject: Ride October 11th [Sydney-Kangaroo Valley]
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 16:55:46 +1000 (EST)
Hi all,
A friend of mine is organising a jaunt down to kangaroo valley on sunday the 11th of october, he is thinking of going straight down the highway to albion park/macquarie pass but I would rather do the park, buli and kiera as well so if enuff people come we could even have 2 groups. I believe that some of his mates are on 250's and are afraid of doing a "long" ride. Details below.

Date: Sunday, October 11th
Meeting Time and Place: 8am at Loftus Oval near the entrance to the RNP. RNP-Coalcliff-Buli-Kiera-AlbionPk-MacQuarie-KangarooValley.

cheers, Jason.

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