Mt White-Wollombi Pub-Putty Road - Saturday 19sep1998

Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 14:49:02 +1000 
From: Craig Motbey <>
Subject: Ride announcement:  Saturday 19/9/98, Mt White-Wollombi Pub-Putty Road
Hokay: ride planned for this Saturday, on one of the usual routes: up the Old Road, stopping at the Mt White cafe, thence to the Wollombi Pub for lunch, then whoever wants to can continue on up the Putty Road; anyone who doesn't want to can, well, do whatever they bloody well like. It's a free world. :)

Meeting point is the Berowra Mobil, 9am.

Craig Motbey
1983 Honda CM250(The Heffalump)