Toasty Toad Ride - Thursday 27th August 1998 thru Monday 31st AUgust 1998

Laurie Williams <> is organising this one. See the detailed web page for the ride at:
Toasty Toad Netride

Here's the original post:

From: (Laurier Williams)
Subject: Four Day Sydney Netride to Qld -- the Toasty Toad!
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 04:27:47 GMT
Message-id: <>

Time for another looooooong netride out of Sydney. The last one headed for the freezing south and was called the Cold Frog. This one's celebrating the end of winter by heading to sunny Queensland -- so I guess it's the Toasty Toad (thanks Finners!) It'll be in much the same style as the Cold Frog, and the Alpine Netride before it, except that the numbers will be kept to about 10. This needs to be a lean, mean netride.

And like the Alpine Netride, where Sydney and Canberra netriders met up with a team from Melbourne, we'll be looking to spend a day with Brisbane netriders exploring their best riding roads.

Here are the details:

When: 4 days and a bit, leaving Sydney on the evening of Thursday, 27 August, returning Monday 31 August 1998.

Where: All main crossings of the Great Divide between Sydney and Brisbane, + the best riding roads around southeast Qld and northeastern NSW. It'll include Thunderbolt's Way, the Oxley, Gwydir and Bruxner Highways, the Mt Glorious, Somerset Dam, Maleny, Mt Mee, Hinze Dam and Beechmont roads near Brisbane, and a heap of interesting connecting roads. The full itinerary is below.

How far: Close to 3,000km

Who's it for: This is a ride for seasoned riders who enjoy long days in the saddle, fast sweepers and lots of tight mountain curves. Medium to large capacity sports, sports/tourers and tourers will predominate. You need to be comfortable with a degree of self navigation -- see Organisation below. You must be confident in your bike's (and tyres') ability to complete the trip.

Who's it *not* for: Anyone uncomfortable with the idea of successive 600-700km days. Or consistent fast running with stops about every 2 hours. Or the odd bit of fair to good gravel. This is not a run for P platers, commuter bikes, or anyone not sure of their riding skills on mountain roads.

Accommodation: Pubs in Gloucester (Thursday night), Mt Tamborine (Friday/Saturday nights) and Dorrigo (Sunday night).

What'll it cost? Allow about $150 for accommodation, then add petrol for about 2800km, food, etc.

What's the group limit? My preferred group would be 8 to 10 bikes, so let's say 10.

Can I bring a pillion? If s/he's game!

Where do I check for organisation updates? As with the Alpine Netride, I'll be posting updates at from next weekend. This will include tips on what to bring, what to expect, who's going, etc.

How do I register? Email me at I'll respond with my address, to which I'll ask you to send $50 deposit to confirm.

Laurie Williams


There won't be much! Accommodation will be pre-booked (hence the deposits). Maps with the route marked in crayon will be distributed, and it'll be assumed that people know how to use them if they lose the group. There *will* be a backmarker, and we may use a tag system, but it'll depend on the group.


I've worked out running times the same way I did for the Alpine Netride, using an estimate of average speed from my knowledge of the roads. On the Alpine run, we usually bettered my estimates, but I could always be wrong this time. Sunset will be around 5.45, and we'll ride most daylight hours. We can make minor adjustments to the route as we go if I get it terribly wrong, but the bottom line is that this is a long ride.

Thursday 27 August -- Meet at yet-to-be-determined location in Hornsby/Asquith at 7pm. Transport run via the expressway and main roads to Gloucester, arriving about 10pm.

Friday 28 August -- 7.30 start. Thunderbolt's Way (Great Divide cross #1) through Nowendoc to Walcha for breakfast. Great newly sealed road (still a few km construction gravel), with some tight corners in the river valleys and up the escarpment, then brilliant fast sweepers to Walcha. Backroad to Uralla, New England Hwy to Armidale, then through Ebor to Grafton for lunch (Great Divide cross #2). About 15/20km slightly hairy gravel through Clouds Creek Forest. Boring run to Casino, then through Kyogle and the Lions Road (last reports had some gravel, but new maps show fully sealed -- anyone know?) over the Border Ranges to Beaudesert, and up the twisties to Mt Tamborine, arriving around sunset.

Saturday 29 August. -- 8am start. Leave luggage at Mt Tamborine and ride into Brisbane to meet up with any Brisbane netriders who want to ride with nutters from the south. Meeting place to be decided in consultation with them. Then something like Mt Glorious -- Somerset Dam -- Beerwah -- Mapleton (lunch) -- Eumundi -- Kenilworth -- Woodford -- Mt Mee -- Dayboro -- Samford and back to Brisbane, and Mt Tamborine. But we'll take local advice, so this may change.

Sunday 30 August -- 8am start. A couple of hours of pure bliss in early morning sunshine (it's the dry season!) riding the curly roads through Canungra, Beechmont, alongside Lake Hinze, through Numinbah Valley to Murwillumbah, then via Nimbin to Casino. Bruxner Hwy to Tenterfield and lunch (Great Divide cross #3). This would be as good at the Oxley, except that the surface was not as good last I tried it. 66km of New England Hwy to Dundee. Gwydir Hwy to Grafton (GDx #4). Most of this road was built from scratch in the late 50s, so it's sweeper rather than twisty territory. Via Glenreagh to Coff Harbour. Via Bellingen to Dorrigo. The 10km or so up the mountain is sheer bliss. Arrival around sunset.

Monday 31 August -- 8am start. Dorrigo through Ebor to Armidale (GDx #5). Fast with variable surface. Through Uralla to Walcha again. Oxley Highway (best riding road in Australia?) to Gingers Creek for early lunch (GDx #6). Through Comboyne to Wingham (some gravel, but what a view!) Through Krambach to Gloucester (brilliant 45/55/65km curvies) Transport run back to Asquith, arriving around sunset.