Sydney Ferries Ride, take 2 - Sunday 9th August 1998

Tony Fussell is organising this one. See the detailed web page for the ride at:
Sydney Ferries Ride - Hawkesbury Ferries Netride, 9th August, 1998

Here's the post:

From: Tony Fussell <Tonyf@VMA.TABNSW.COM.AU>
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As you may be aware the planned Sydney ferries netride (26 July) was postponed due to weatherus orribulus. So I reckon this Sunday (9th August, 1998) might be a good chance to try it again.

Same Details as before. (repeated below for those who've forgotten)

Sydney Ferries NetRide (take 2) 9th August, 1998
The idea is to get in all the punt's up north/west of Sydney in the hawkesbury region.

Please read the full directions and print off the map from

We'll be using the infamous TAG System so it's important everyone is familiar with the route and it's important that everyone observes the virtual TAG, at every turnoff. Finners has suggested that if anyone breaks the TAG, then they have to buy a beer for all the people behind.

Following is a summary of the ride. Full details on web site. Please look at it if you're going.

Meeting at Berowra (Mobil Servo 9:30am) head towards the Berowra ferry. Then up the old northern road, through Glenorie, heading towards Wisemans Ferry. Just before a dot on the map called Maroota, turn west on wisemans ferry road heading toward Sackville north. Cross another punt and head toward Lower Portland . Cross another punt and head back to Sackville and back towards the old northern road. Continue down the old northern road towards Wisemans Ferry, cross the river (another punt) and head along to St Albans for lunch.

Heading back from St Albans, on other side of river, through Central McDonald across a punt to wisemans, then across the other punt (2nd time) to northern side of Hawkesbury. Then ride up towards Spencer, Lower Mangrove, Mangrove Mtn, Central Mangrove, Somersby, Old pacific highway, Mt White and back to Sydney.

Tony Fussell
R1100RT SchnellPanzer