Sydney Ferries Ride - Sunday 26th July 1998

Tony Fussell is organising this one. See the detailed web page for the ride at:
Sydney Ferries Ride - Hawkesbury Ferries Netride, 26th July, 1998

Here's the original post:

From: Tony Fussell <Tonyf@VMA.TABNSW.COM.AU>
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I was thinking of running a Sydney netride on the sunday 26th of that weekend, going around all the punts north west of sydney.

Calling it the sydney ferrys ride, heres my ideas. I've never done some of the back roads between colo and wisemans, so any advice is most welcome.

I reckon we could meet at a macc's somewhere near berowra, then head to towards the berowra ferry. Then up the old northern road, through glenorie, heading towards wisemans ferry.

Just before a dot on the map called maroota, turn west toward sackville north, and across another punt to colo.

Going north through colo, colo height, then cut back through upper colo, coming back down to colo and turning east toward lower portland (another punt).

Then following the banks of the river towards wisemans ferry, cross the river (another punt) and head along to St Albans for lunch.

Heading back from St albans, on other side of river, through Central mcDonald across a punt to wisemans, then across the other punt (2nd time) to northern side of hawkesbury.

Then ride up towards spencer, lower mangrove, Mangrove Mtn, Central Mangrove, Somersby, Old pacific higway, Mt White and back to sydney.

6 ferry rides, on 5 different punts.

Local advice needed. Do all these punts actually still run. Does it cost to use them. Are the roads through sackville and lower portland areas ok. what about the road that cuts back from upper colo to colo. (this isn't the putty rd). Its approximately 320km's round trip... is that too long... we can always take a whole bunch of shortcuts if we need to.

Tony Fussell