Highlands Fling - Sydney Netride, South. Sunday 5th July 1998

A Netride through the Southern highlands South of Sydney.

See the most excellent Trip Report!

The original invite is below.

Meet: 8:45am for 9am departure Sunday 5th July. Meet at the playing fields just before entrance to Royal National Park at Sutherland.

fuel: meet with a full tank. Plenty of premium early in day but gets scarce in afternoon.

Climate: It gets noticably colder as you go up the mountain at maquarie pass. If it looks damp at the bottom it probably will be at the top.

The Ride: (yeah.. the fun bit)

Now out with the Kilt and bagpipes. Time to drink a few scotch whiskies and warm up in front of the fire. Just how do you wear a kilt on a motorbike anyway. Maybe Tiger Angel makes a nice Tartan set of leathers.

To get back to sydney theres a few ways. Can go back the way we came, Or keep heading west.

Everyone's Welcome. Just turn up on the day. Email me if you're not sure about the meeting place or if you have any other questions.

There's plenty of opportunity to take short cuts home if it sounds too long. We can modify the return journey after some liquid refreshments.

Jim.. Maybe you can meet as at Stanwell tops. We should be passing through there about 10am.


Tony Fussell 
R1100RT (Woohoo. It's nu)
Email: Tonyf@Mailbox.tabnsw.com.au