2x1 day SydRide - 13 and 14 Dec 1997

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Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 09:50:42 +1100
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Subject: SYDNEY NETRIDES (2x1day) - December 13 & 14th
Ok some friends of mine are riding down to Sydney from Queensland before this weekend in order to ride back to Queensland on the 15th with me :). But whilst down here I am going to show them some of the excellent roads and rides we have in Sydney. We will be out riding on both the saturday and Sunday and anyone wanting to join us are most welcome. Below are the proposed Rides.

Saturday 13th December - Oberon etc. (Basically Laurie's route, Laurie keen to come along and guide the way ;)) This will be a long ride basically like the one on the 9th that laurie organized.

Sunday 14th December - Kangaroo Valley. This is my standard route south to Kangaroo Valley. Royal National Park, Bulli Pass, round the back of Mt. Kiera, Up MacQuarie Pass to Robbo, then down to Kangaroo Valley and back along the coast road and thru the National Park again.

Anyone Keen to attend please let me know. Nothing is firm yet and the rides can be swapped around if needs be.

cheers, Jason.

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