Oxley Highway - 22-24 Nov 1997

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Yes - it's all happening this weekend!

remember - meeting place is the bp servo, cnrs jersey & pacific hwy - Asquith. Approx 2kms north of hornsby shops. (If you go 10kms north you will be at the Berowra BP which is the wrong servo!). Saturday 22nd November at 8:00am. We leave punctually at 8:30am. 2nd meeting place - Caltex at Wilberforce at 9:20am (premium ULP available at both servos).

Bring your normal m/cycling gear + wet weather gear + personal stuff + 'bottle' of water + cash for accom & dinner & grog for one or two nights. ($15 per night for accom & $15 per dinner per person). Bring enough cash for lunches/b'fasts etc too. No ATM machines within cooee of gingers creek!

I will bring maps for everyone with highlighted route (as recommended by Laurie). I can guarantee this route as excellent, scenic, twisty, adventurous touring. Some small dirt sections. those with total dirt aversion will be shown alternate route to Long Flat (mid afternoon meeting spot). Those coming from QLD or north coast may wish to meet us at the Long Flat Pub (at a guess b/ween 3:00 & 4:00pm).

Navigation: you will have more fun if you let the group leaders lead - especially from Asquith to Windsor (which is via sealed back roads). If you want to blast ahead on stretches like the Putty, go for it, but wait up at logical places like the half way house etc.

Riding etiquette: please keep min 2.5 second gap to the bike in front - he may have better brakes than you! and on the twisties, it's not a race, so please overtake with care & respect. And remember - a rider you do not know the skills of will always perform unexpected manouveres when you're least prepared - so allow for that.

Bad weather - even if it's raining in sydney, the weather up the coast can be very different. I.e. the trip will go ahead regardless of the weather. Only a cyclone will stop us. While there is no cancellation fee for the trip, if you do plan to cancel, please do the right thing and phone me by 9:00pm on the Friday night to advise so. ph#0412 287 228. Last minute additions to the group are welcome as there are about 4 spare beds.

We have an excellent group of 14 to 16 people. it'll be the best netride trip yet!

See you Saturday... - finners (r1100rt)


Here are the persons/dates booked so far for the Oxley Hwy ride 22-24 Nov '97...
Chris JonesYesSat night only
John CresswellYesSat night only
James FinlayYesSat & Sun nights
Andrew SeeYesSat & Sun nights
Richard FayYesSat & Sun nights
Ben NatoliYesSat & Sun nights
Laurier WilliamsYesSat & Sun nights
Michael BennettYesSat & Sun nights
David CoulesYesSat & Sun nights
Rob GrandcourtYesSat & Sun nights
Jeff PriceYesSat & Sun nights
Anthony BevernYesSat & Sun nights
Steve CrispinYesSat & Sun nights
Robert SwintonYesSat & Sun nights
Robert's 1st FriendNoNot booked in (yet)
Robert's 2nd FriendNoNot booked in (yet)
Robert's pillionNoNot booked in
Tony FussellNoNot booked in
Monica HurdalNoNot booked in
Sue BownassNoNot booked in
Jeff LewisNoNot booked in

There are still a couple of spots left (beds at Gingers Creek) - so message me pronto if you plan to come. (And note that everyone is 'booked' for a buffet dinner each night at $15 per head).


WHEN? Sat 22nd, Sun 23rd and Mon 24th November '97.

WHERE? Meet Saturday at the Asquith BP servo. Note that this is NOT the BP closer to Berowra. Asquith is just 2 minutes drive north of Hornsby. Repeat: ASQUITH BP servo, cnrs Pacific Hwy & Jersey, at 8:00am!!! TIME? 8:00am for 8:30am departure. SECOND meeting place: Caltex at Wilberforce (approx 6kms north of Windsor) at 9:20am.

STAYING? Gingers Ck - a cafe/fuel station perched over a valley - cabin style accom (see below). Great views. Great atmosphere. Stand around yakkin' and watching the local Ducatis take the bends like Foggy was on their tail.

HOW MUCH FOR ACCOM? Gingers Creek is in the middle of forest on the tableland escarpment - miles from anywhere. The owners cater for m/cycle groups all the time. Accom is in comfortable bunk houses (split into several rooms), with TV, tea/coffee making, etc. All linen supplied. Only $15 per person per night. They'll also cater for dinner for us (as the nearest restaurant is over 50kms away), for $15 per head (buffet). They sell beer too, (of course). Have made a booking for a group for nights of Sat 22nd Nov and Sun 23rd Nov.

WHICH WAY? Road-Burners Route #1 - from Waitara - via Galston gorge, Windsor, Wilberforce (2nd meeting point), Putty Road, Singleton, East Gresford, Dungog, Stroud Road, Gloucester, Krambach, Killawarra, Wingham, Comboyne, Long Flat, Gingers Creek (Yarrowitch). This is the recommended road route.

Road-Burners Route #2 - Same as above, but after the Putty, turn off to Muswellbrook, and take New England Hwy to Bendemeer, then Oxley to Walcha and finally Gingers Ck.

Dirt route - up to you, but recommended are the many excellent dirt roads b/ween Wingham and the Oxley Hwy.

ABOUT THE OXLEY: In the top five m/cycle roads in Aust & perhaps the best in NSW. A coupla hundred kms of twisties climbing east-west from Port Macquarie/Wauchope on the NSW north coast, to the New England tableland towns of Tamworth and Armidale. Just west of Long Flat (in the coastal valley at the eastern end) is 50kms of pure nirvana - a tight climb up the great divide onto the tableland, and then the most magic sweepers through cool temporate rainforest. If you've never done it - treat yourself and be amazed. And if you know the Oxley - you need no convincing to get a fresh dose!

Cheers... - Finners (R1100RT)

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