The Fifth SydRide - Lunch at Picton - 23apr95

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I am thinking it's past time for another SydRide. To make things easy (i.e. to get more folks along and to encourage the smaller bikes) this is a day trip rather than the Oxley three day run.

The pub at Picton serves good food and EXCELLENT beer. Not, of course, that we will down much or maybe any, but we can stock up on our depleted supplies of Bock. It is the oldest continuously running brewery in Oz.

If you feel like coming, let me know. If you have a preference for either weekend, please say so.

As always, come one, come all. Tell your friends, bring pillions if you like. Moto capacity doesn't matter. Preferred speed doesn't matter.

The Plan

The run is scheduled for the 23rd of April. On the 16th (the original idea, before we found out it was Easter) I'll be running through the Park anyway, so anyone who wants to come along is more than welcome.

To the Picton run:

a mid-morning run down through the Audley National Park, morning tea at Stanwell, south along the coast road to Bulli, up the Pass, out through Appin to Picton.
up MtKiera, out to Picton? Better: up MacPass, out to Moss Vale, across to Picton?
some route to Picton, should any of you come. Anyone with a good idea for an ACT-Picton leg?
All: at Picton, a relaxed lunch. Home by whatever route appeals.


Proposed RDVs for the 23rd are:
RDV 9:30am at my place (Kensington) for those for who this is convenient.
RDV 10:30am at the north entrance to the Park.
RDV 10:30am at the north entrance of the Park for the zealous.
Somewhere Gongwards for the rest? (Top of MtKiera maybe? Who from the Gong is coming, BTW?)
Organise this with Jay Gomboso <>.
We should be having morning tea at the Stanwell tea-house about 11:15am. We should be at Picton about 12:30pm for a leisurely lunch. Anyone who doesn't meet us along the way can find us there. If you get lost, find a phone. I'll have my mobile along (015 064 511) and if I'm not actually riding I should be reachable.

Who's coming?

Responses so far:
Alvian Tam
16th: Probably. 23rd: Probably.
Raised police issue.
Barry Manor
16th: Busy. 23rd: Busy.
Brent Curtis
16th: No. 23rd: Probably.
Brian Murray
16th: Can. 23rd: Yes.
Cath Davis
16th & 23rd: probably busy.
Colin Panissett
16th: Can. 23rd: Can.
Daryl Sargent
23rd: Would like to but can't.
David Dawes
23rd: probably.
Jay Gomboso
16th: Probably. 23rd: NA.
Will pass details the the ANU bike club.
John Ratcliffe
23rd: Yes.
Jon Tidswell
16th & 23rd: Can't, overseas.
Kath Knight
23rd: Was "probably", but her bike got taken out by a car in a roundabout on the 21st.
Mark Hall
Can't do Sundays. Interested in a run one Saturday though.
Neal Gowen
16th: Maybe. 23rd: No.
Pam Devon
16th: No. 23rd: Maybe.
Patrick Jordan
16th: No. 23rd: Yes, probably with Christine.
Peter Bestel
16th: Yes. 23rd: Yes.
Raised traffic issue.
Peter Howard
16th: No. 23rd: Yes.
Rebecca Rose
16th: Yes, if bike ready by then. 23rd: Yes.
Richard House
16th: No. 23rd: Probably.
Ron Russell
16th & 23rd: Yes.
Simon & Helen Fleming
16th: No. 23rd: Yes.
Stephen Chey
23rd: Maybe.
Thomas Cohen
Can't make any weekends for yonks due to work.

Why not Easter?

Ok, the run has been pushed back to the 23th of April. Reasons: