The Fourth SydRide (25/26feb95)

[the mob at Cowan, before setting out]
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The Plan

Response was overwhelmingly in favour of Thos' variation.

We will depart Sydney Friday evening (24feb95) and ride north to Bulladelah. This will let us do a twilight run of the Pacific Highway on our way north.

Saturday morning we will cruise to Port Macquarie and then do the Oxley, stopping for lunch at Ginger's Creek. From there we will proceed to Apsley Falls, to check it out. Tres tres bootiful, I'm told. This leaves us with Saturday afternoon to cruise (tho' Peter Howard and possibly Thomas will be heading home Saturday afternoon), probably to Nundle where Steve Chey assures us there's a great pub.

Sunday will be the return leg, south from wherever we spent Saturday night, down to Gloucester, down the Bucket Way, south-west to Dungog, thence to Singleton and home via the Putty Road.


The following people have hinted that they'll be along on the 25/26feb95.
	Cameron Simpson		GPX600R		<>
	Daniel Thomson (probably) CBR1000
	Jonathon Tidswell			<>
	John Turner		GPX600R		<>
	Mark Hall		XV1000		<>
	Peter Bestel		GF250?		<>
	Peter Howard				<>
	Rob Grandcourt (maybe)			<>
		and possibly his friend Mike (VFR750)
	Steven James Brown	ZZR1100		<>
		and Daniel Tomo
	Thomas Cohen		SS900 (Jungle Bike) <>

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From: Cameron Simpson <cameron@dap.CSIRO.AU>
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Date: Wed, 25 Jan 1995 17:03:02 +1100
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Subject: who's in for... SydRide4: the Oxley Highway ...
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Some interest has been expressed in an assault on the Oxley Highway. I, for one, am burning to do it again. Where else on NSW will you find a sign saying "30km winding road". Uphill, through rainforest. Oh frabjous day!

Therefore, let us ride the Oxley some weekend soon.

The Oxley runs east-west from Port Macquarie to Walcha. It is best done in that direction, too, as that gets you the uphill direction. That direction requires it to be done in the morning or at least before midafternoon, too.

We have three choices before us:

The problem with the third is getting enough people who can all take a day off on the same weekend. Tom Cohen has suggested a good solution: ride up to Port Friday evening. This sounds really good.

I am thinking 2 to 6 weeks from now, thus the weekends of: 4/5feb95, 11/12feb95, 18/19feb95, 25/26feb95

Could anyone who'd like to come please get back to me with preferences or I-can't-make-its for those dates? We'll then settle on one and go with that.

As usual, we will be accomodating all rider temperaments and bike capacities, so don't be put off if you're on your Ps, have a smaller bike or don't scream through the twisties. We will regroup on a regular basis.

Come one, come all, tell your friends...

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