SydRide 7 - Tasmania !!

Yea, last Sunday, the night before the MtWhite Bike Show, it came to me in a dream...

Tasmania in January

Yes, that land of rolling hills and mountains, riddled from end to end with windy roads. The place where (to loosely paraphrase Kevin) even if they have to cross a plain the road winds.

Oh yes!

So, who's for a tour of Tasmania in January? It's summer, so south will be cooler. January has the second-lowest rainfall for the year in Tasmania.

The Plan

We are joining with Iain Edmondson's <> Tasmanian Motorcycle Adventure. Ideally we take the Friday 19jan96 evening ferry from Melbourne and return on the Saturday 27jan96 ferry. I plan to take the preceeding Thursday and following Monday off work as well, to take a leisurely 2 day run to and from Melbourne.

The Riders

I've had the following expressions of interest: Let me know if you want in, and when you can or can't make it.


Iain Edmondson <> writes:
I read your request for info re: touring tasmania in I am a Tasmanian, been here two years, originally from VIC. In January some motorcycling friends from VIC are coming over on the Spirit of Tas for a five day blast around the island. I invite you to join us. Reply to this email with your fax No. and I will fax you a Map with tour plan and itenery. Alternatively call me on (003) 354465 between hours.
Australian Maritime Engineering CRC Ltd.

I replied saying it sounded good. And, lo, the FAX arrived! I don't know if he was expecting just me or a whole host... If we are too many we may have to make other accomodation plans.

Folks, given the lead time for ferry bookings it is fast reaching the point where we must decide whether we're going or not.

Iain's group is going to be travelling from Sat 20jan96 through to Sat 27jan96, and thus will be taking the Fri 19jan96 ferry I guess. So a bit over a week off work all up.

To join their group we'd either have to leave mid-week or meet them partway through their itinery. (The itiniery is transcribed below.)

The SoT departs Melbourne Mon, Wed & Fri @ 6pm. For the Fri 19jan96 there is still space (there's a central space with room for about 36 bikes total per run).

Ferry costs: per person $120 each way, per bike $100 each way. These apply until 26jan96, at which their peak season ends.

This gets us "hostel" accomodation: 4 bunk rooms and a meal.

[ status list above omitted ]

Could those above and anyone else wanting to come get back to me with yesses, nos, yes-but-different-dates, etc ASAP. We'll likely have to book passage pretty soon.

Iain's Itinery

There's a map, too, but it's hard to read after being FAXed and a scan from that would be totally illegible. Obviously prices for some of these are based on Iain's arrangements for his 5 people. We will have to sort something else out ourselves once we know who's coming. When we have more definite numbers I'll do some phoning around...
- Cameron
Day 1: Saturday 20jan96
Destination: The Edo's via Cradle Mt and Hellyer Goerge
Travel: 90km, approx 1 hour
Accomodation: The Edo's
Day 2: Sunday 21jan96
Destination: Stahan via Lake Cethana, Cradle Mt and Grantville
Travel: 306km, approx 5 hours
Accomodation: Strahan Village Unit $185/5 = $37pp
Ph: 004 717191, booked 30oct95
call if arriving after 6pm
Day 3: Monday 22jan96
Destination: Mt Field, Queenstown, Strathgordon
Travel: 423km, approx 6 hours
Accomodation: Nat Park Motel
double B&B $55, single B&B $35
Ph: 002 881103
booked 01nov95
no deposit
Day 4: Tuesday 23jan96
Destination: Dover via Poatina, Mud Walls, Huonville
Travel: 500km, approx 7 hours
Accomodation: Dover Hotel
double B&B $60, single B&B $30
Ph: 002 981210
booked 01nov95
no deposit
Day 5: Wednesday 24jan96
Destination: St Helens via Port Arthur
Travel: 550km, approx 5 hours
Accomodation: Queechy Cottages $95/5=18.40pp
Ph: 003 761321
booked 01nov95
requires $40 deposit
Day 6: Thursday 25jan96
Destination: The Edo's via Launceston
Travel: 300km, approx 7 hours
Accomodation: The Edo's
Day 7: Friday 26jan96
Destination: The Edo's via Cradle Mt and Hellyer Goerge
Travel: 490km, approx 6 hours
Accomodation: The Edo's
Day 7: Saturday 27jan96