The Macquarie Pass Assaults

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There are two assaults on Macquarie Pass planned:

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Note: on MacPass1 we didn't stick to this, but we've all now had a good look at the road and can pick a better set of regrouping points, saving much confusion. Therefore I'd like to stick quite closely to the regroupings which follow. I hope to have a trip sheet ready for the ride.

South through the Audley National Park, regrouping at the the food shop on the right just past the first carpark out of the park. They serve apple pie. Mmmmmm!
South from there along the coast to Bulli Pass, regrouping just before turning onto the road up the Pass.

Up the Pass, and thence to the Appin Road. This is tricky, so take careful note: There is an interchange at the top of the Pass. The road divides at the top. The uphill portion (our half) passes under the highway, and there is an onramp for the highway veering right just past this underpass. We go right, up onto the highway. I will stop here and wave everyone through to make sure you all catch it. Ride on past me towards Appin; I'll catch up. Once onto the highway we follow it, for it becomes the Appin Road. There is a tempting left exit towards Helensburg, etc. Ignore it. We go towards Campbelltown.
Regroup in Appin at the servo on the corner.

From Appin we head left (south) left towards Wollongong, via Cataract Gorge, right towards Mt Kiera/Mt Kembla, then to Mt Kiera to regroup for lunch at the cafe on the Mt Kiera lookout. Meet Leigh Purdie at Mt Kiera. Down Mt Kiera to Wollongong, turn right (south) onto the Princes Highway. Follow this to Dapto (in convoy) and them turn right and then left onto the backroad just past Dapto. Follow backroad to the Illawarra Highway. Turn right (west), follow the Highway to Macquarie Pass. This is a really beautiful bit of road. Reach the Pass. Up, up, and awayyyy!!!

Continue on from the top of the Pass, and regroup for afternoon tea at the pie shop on the right at the top of the Pass.

The following was the plan for MacPass1. We have much more time on MacPass2, so we may proceed to Bundanoon to set up camp / book motel rooms, then consider how to amuse ourselves for the remainder of the day.
We also need to consider what to do on Sunday. Down through Kangaroo Valley, south then west and back via Picton, perhaps?

Continue west to the left turn for Fitzroy Falls. Scope out the Falls. Check for camp sites and other accomodation, also. Descend into Kangaroo Valley. More afternoon tea somewhere there. Check out camping and other accomodation. Home by whatever route seems desirable.


We have booked a campsite in the National Park at Bundanoon. It has hot showers, fresh water, BBQ facilites (fire bans permitting). We should probably book a table at a pub or restaurant for dinner, since we'll be just out of Bundanoon itself. Cost is $35.50 for the two sites booked, spread over however many of us there are camping.

Cast of Characters

Current list of attendees:
	Cath Davis and Cameron Simpson (GPX600R) <>
	Simon and Helen Fleming	<>
	Mike Wolff (FJ1200) <> (with 3-man tent)
	Jonathon Tidswell <>
	Leigh "Red" Purdie (ZZR250) <>
	Anthony "Bev" Bevern (ZZR250) <> (tentative)
	Allan Sjaarda <> (tentative)
	Neal Gowen (VFR750) <> (tentative)


Japanese phrase for the day: ikajanai ``(lit.) I am not a squid''
Made-up Japanese word for the day: ika-dou ``The way of the squid''.
- Jeffrey Eric Francis Friedl,, DoD##4