The SydRide

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From: Cameron Simpson <>
Organization: Computing Facility, CS&E, Uni Of NSW, Oz
Subject: solid arrangements for the SydRide to Wiseman's ...
Message-ID: <940916140649-cameron-1-25070@conductor>

Sorry folks, much of the organisation happened while our news service was down. For those I didn't reach by mail, the SydRide is an expedition to Wiseman's Ferry on Sunday Oct 9. Bring friends, bring pillions, etc.
- Cameron Simpson <>
Ok, here's the scoop for all those who want to come:
9th October '94
For those from the South or East or inner city:
9am at my place: (85 Ingram Lane, Kensington. Directions below since most street directories seem not to show it, or only name the adjoining street.)
For those from the West:
9am at the Jolly Frog in Windsor. I don't know Windsor that well, and I think David Watkin <D.Watkin@uws.EDU.AU> may be the only person from that side of town, so contact him to see if there're enough people to make it worth meeting there first.
For those from the North and West:
10am at Storey Park, corner of Lodge Street and the Pacific Hwy, Hornsby. Galston Road comes out 2 blocks south of the park, so turn left and it'll be on your left. Of course, if someone up that way wants to volunteer their abode, all to the good!
North from my place, over the bridge (via the Wall Of Death before they remove the Quay overpass) down Epping Road, Delhi Road, Lady Game Drive, Commenara Parkway, Pennant Hills Road, Storey Park @ Hornsby. A more direct route if we're running late.

North from Hornsby to along the Hwy, left via Peats Ridge and Central Mangrove to Wiseman's Ferry, maybe to St Albans for lunch. (Preferences, folks?)

Convoy to Hornsby, then everyone sets their own pace with regrouping every so often (especially at turnoffs). Probably the Peat's Ferry Bridge near Brooklyn, the turnoff at Calga (right for Gosford, left for Peats Ridge and Wiseman's), the left turn at Central Mangrove, then Spencer and then the Ferry.
Feel free to bring unannounced friends.

My current idea of who's meeting where is:

My place
Mark Imisides, Barry Manor, Thomas Cohen, Colin Panniset, Robert Mitchell <> maybe, Brett Squires and Julia Kitney, Patrick Jordan, maybe Kym Fizzell?, David Dawes <> Andrew Winter <>
David Watkin <D.Watkin@uws.EDU.AU> and his kids is that all?
maybe Richard House, maybe Pam Devon, maybe some of their friends, David Bilbow <>, U1000837@csdvax.csd.unsw.EDU.AU (name unknown)
Some of this is guesswork since I don't know where the SU people actually live.

How to get to my place:


[...] look at yourself and, while you're at it, drag your eyes over some of your mates who also ride bikes. They are doers, are they not, and what of the rest of the population, that tragic ants nest of ever so busy bodies who scurry from nest to work and back to the nest again at night, to recharge themselves for another day of spirit-crushing toil? They are the watchers.
- Sanford, REVS, 23dec93