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The SydRide and SydRide-Chat lists exist primarily to organise group rides in the Sydney or NSW region of Australia, and secondarily for anything else which seems pertinent to the area. However, see the Etiquette before posting to the lists. Note that you should only subscribe to one or the other. SydRide-Chat is itself subscribed to SydRide so if you subscribe to both you will get duplicates of anything sent to SydRide.

Joining the List

Please visit the following URLs:


There are facilites there to join the list or to adjust your membership if you're already a member.

Posting to the List

The SydRide and SydRide-Chat mailing list submission addresses are:
They nominally consist of email-reachable riders in the Sydney area (this includes Newcastle, the ACT and the Gong, since many destinations such as Macquarie Pass or the Oxley are mutually reachable).

The Etiquette

Regarding usage, I find that high volume lists also have a high unsubscription rate. Accordingly, there are two lists, one for people who want to know about rides but not get deluged with chatter, and another for discussion of rides etc.

SydRide-Chat is the discussion list.
SydRide itself is low volume: announcements and initial questions only, please.

Thus, the following suggestions:

This seems to be seems a simple and low impact rough etiquette. Try to follow it. Help it along with careful use of Reply-To: headers if it's convenient. Remember to pass major updates and plan finalisations to SydRide to keep the low volume readers in touch.


The formal archives are the usual MailMan archives, here: SydRide and SydRide-Chat. Additionally, In addition to the automatic list archives kept by mailman, SydRide is also archived by the Yahoo Groups (once FindMail) service at and

Privacy Note

Anything posted to the list is archived at FindMail. If you're worried about spammers, read FindMail's anti-spam measures and my recipe for Beating Spam Without Busting Your Address. It's futile to try to hide your address in the long term, and better to defend against misuse. The FindMail service does appear to consider privacy concerns quite carefully (their sub to the list was very above board). Members bothered by this can remove their messages from the service either after posting or preemptively at posting time. These are both described in their anti-spam measures.


SydRide is now mostly handled by a Majordomo service. Accordingly, subscription and unsubscription can be done by sending a message to
with the line
(or, of course, unsubscribe) in the body of the message.

If you want to do something complicated such as removing your old address and adding a new one it's probably much simpler to email me at with the details. Send the line:

in the body of the message to above for more info.

Other problems or queries, reports of bounces, and other things concerning the running of the list should be sent to:
This is currently me, so there are no special formatting requirements.

I do like to record folks' bikes, so if you like you can simply email me your subscription request (as a friendly letter, not the terse automatic form) and I'll add you by hand, including bike type. The intent here is that people can retrieve the list membership and ask individuals bike-specific queries if they want to avoid hassling the whole list.

Technical Notes

The lists are maintained with majordomo, a popular mailing list control tool written in Perl. The memberships listed here are snapshots at the time I update my ISP (the live data lives on my work machine). The snapshots happen pretty often (every few days normally), and the "live" membership list can be had from the majordomo server itself. The snapshotting is done with some scripts wrapped around ssh (which everyone should use!) and some MD5 checksum comparison stuff.


Other ride events pages can be found in my Moto Events Section. Specific Australian events pages.

Note: the list below is badly maintained (my fault). People do go out riding regularly and you're better off just lurking on the list that looking here. My apologies. - Cameron

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