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I also maintain the SydRide Mailing List.

This page contains various links to motorcycle related information. Also have a look at the Entertainment/Motorcycle, Business...Motorcycles and Business...Classifieds/Motorcycles references in the Yahoo Hierachical Subject Index and the Motorcycles Web Ring at Yahoo and also the Motorcycles category at Google.

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Safety and Emergencies

See also: Riding Techniques, Training, and Apparel.

Riding Techniques

Also see the Touring and Saftey sections.


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See also:

Purchasing Advice

Bike Security

Checking or Announcing Stolen Bikes

Purchasing Whole Bikes

Before buying you should check that the vehicle is neither stolen nor encumbered. In NSW (Australia), see the Register of Encumbered Vehicles.

Purchasing Bike Parts

Purchasing Gear & Accessories

[ Apparel ]

See also:


Frequently Asked Questions

[ Beginner Motorcyclist Information ]
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Scooters and Mopeds

Laws, Regulations and Enforcement

See also: Riding in Australia if you're Foreign, Importing Bikes Into Australia, UK <=> US dialect differences, and the Oz Legal Information Index.