Used Bike Checklist

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From: (Clarke, Bruce {SO})
Subject: Used Bike Checklist
Date: 15 Sep 1995 17:09:30 -0500
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Buying a used motorcycle:

If you're new to motorcycling or you're not into greasy clothes and skinned knuckles, this list probably seems intimidating and excessive. If you are only spending a few hundred bucks on the bike in the first place and you'll never be very far from home, you probably should just check the stuff that doesn't require special tools or facilities. On the other hand, if you're paying more than 1K for the bike and you expect to do some touring, it might be cheaper to pay a dealer 50 to 100 bucks to run these checks for you than to find out about problems the hard way on the road. In other times, you might have lost a good deal by delaying long enough to get all these questions answered. Right now, though, it's a buyer's market (at least where I live) and you have quite a bit more leeway (and leverage).

I recommend the following as good bullet-proof bikes for newbies: Honda CBxxx, Kawasaki GPZxxx, Kawasaki KZxxx, Yamaha Seca xxx, Yamaha Maxim xxx, Suzuki GSxxx. (The xxx means this bike came in several engine sizes; for example, Suzuki GS500, GS550, GS650, GS750, etc.)

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