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Wallpaper / Desktop Background

Last modified: Jul 18 17:43


mkwall, to produce a scaled wallpaper from an image. rootbg, to set the root background from an image. rbg, to set a root backdrop from an image, keywords or via xplanet. xpl, a wrapper for xplanet that may be used to set the root background. pickim and imlist-search, to choose an image from a collection by keyword.


mkwall takes an image file and returns the pathname of an image sizes suitably for use as a wallpaper. If the image is already the right size its own path is returned. Otherwise a cached scaled image is returned.


rootbg takes an image file, scales it with mkwall, and sets the root backdrop from it.


rbg is the script I usually invoke to adjust the root background. It can set the default root background or a per-desktop one. Most simply it can be handed an image file to use for this. Alternatively it can be handed keywords, choosing images with pickim below, and issue a menu to select one or simply list them to standard output. It can also run xplanet via the xpl wrapper (below).


This is a wrapper for the cool xplanet http://freshmeat.net/projects/xplanet/ that supplies extra convenience; see the manual [xpl.1.html] for details. Two notable additions are facility to set an configuration file value on the command line and to more flexible image search facilities.

pickim and imlist-search

Chooses image pathnames from image collections. Generally used to pick images for wallpaper, of can be told to choose wide or tall images (eg for wallpaper or menu backgrounds), images over a certain resolution (which improves the offerings for wallpaper), select or reject by pathname keywords and chooses larger images more often than small ones.