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lz and multips - PostScript printing tools

Last modified: Apr 11 09:19


lz is a wrapper for lp(1) or lpr(1) or whatever print facility is native to your system and accepts text, postscript and PDF as input, converting all to postscript and delivering to printers via the native print subsystem. multips is called internally by lz to layout multiple logical sheets to a physical sheet.

I wrote lz for a heterogeneoussystem to save users remembering which print commands were native to the system they're on, and to remove the data format dependence of these commands. It accepts many options, passing them to multips, the print commands, and the intermediate filters as appropriate. (In fact, some people use it instead of multips with a print target of ``-P-'', which means stdout.)

As an example, I routinely use ``lz -4 -C -dv'' as my print command from netscape/mozilla/firefox.

multips is a postscript filter which puts multiple logical postscript pages on a single sheet with optional dividers and handles landscape/portrait mode choices and tumblemode control. It is based on multi.ps, a groovy piece of PostScript written by Ross Cartlidge [/www-personal.usyd.edu.au/~rossc/ mailto:rcartlid@cisco.com].